Are You Seeking to Gain Clarity and Focus about Your Life's Unique and Unrepeatable Purpose and Mission?

The Unique and Unrepeatable Mission Small Group Experience is designed to assist you in gaining clarity about your unique and unrepeatable life's purpose and mission.

The two primary goals of the Unique and Unrepeatable Mission Small Group are for you to come to know:

The Core Elements of your motivational design
​Acquire the key principles necessary for discerning what your personal vocation is NOW and throughout your life

This will be done using reflection exercises, group discussion, books and other media to explore the ideas of mission and vocation; the call to holiness; one’s state of life; personal mission; and principles of discernment in order to solidify your understanding and capacity to live out your three-fold personal mission fully in your daily life.

If you have been yearning to know your life's purpose more deeply and be empowered to live it out fully, then you don't want to miss out on this small group experience!

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